Friday, June 1, 2012

don't wait for magic

So many fears have kept me from beginning this blog. I have had the secret desire to start it for some time now and I have been dreaming it up- how it will look, what will I say for my first post, but then my inner critic would start in and present me with all kinds of worries that pushed the reality back a little farther... "What will people think?" (judgement)... "Who am I to share my thoughts?" (insecurity) ... "Will anyone even care?" (acceptance)

Why do we hold ourselves back from our full potential this way? I guess I am realizing that in order to grow and develop I must push through those doubts and know that I can and am only offering my best  by coming from a place of truth and love and I hope to find compassionate, like-minded creatives who are interested in sharing and joining me.

"Love Is All You Need" acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12 inches

We have the choice to live fully and pursue our dreams no matter what it takes or we can sit back and watch and wait hoping that somehow our dreams will come to us. I am ready to create the magic for myself. I can't wait for it any longer.