Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Destination Unknown... or Shall We Dance?

I never know what my paintings are going to look like. I have never been one to plan what I paint. While I do have ideas or thoughts of what I want to paint they are usually no more than little seeds because what I conceptualize and sketch as ideas in my journals never end up on canvas and what ends up on canvas is never planned ahead of time.

Beginning stages... just getting paint on canvas.
 There is something magical about seeing my work develop and move in a direction that feels right although it is not always a straight, easy path to that place. I think that is one of the most exciting parts of the creative process for me. I am not sure why but this is how it has always been. My paintings take on a life of their own and evolve as I work. It is not something that I can completely control. Instead, it is more like a little dance that my painting and I have. It is like a relationship and I cannot always take the lead. Often, I must step back, listen and let the work guide me.

Sort of huge jump from the first stages... got lost in the process and forgot to document.
What is your artistic process? Does your artwork turn out just as you envision or do you do a little tango with your work too?

 Although this diptych is not quite finished, it feels close. I guess I will have to wait to see what my dancing partner has to say... More on the inspiration for this painting in a future post.