Thursday, June 28, 2012

Enjoy the now

Pure excitement yesterday when I opened my packages from Zazzle to see my first set of printed cards and a cosmetic bag with one of my favorite paintings on them. It was a test and I am happy with the results. So much so that ordered more cards and I look forward to getting some prints and maybe some other products made that I can list in my Etsy shop.

It is always so gratifying to see my artwork out there in the world and in a new context other than in my studio or hanging in my house. Same goes for my jewelry. I love creating and then I love the idea of that piece of me becoming a part of someone else's life.
In fact, this morning, before yoga class started one of my students walked in wearing a necklace that I had made years ago when I had my jewelry store. I did a double take and said "I made that!" She shared that a dear friend bought it for her before he passed away and that the two year anniversary of his passing is in two days. I had a feeling it would be an emotional class for her and after class I checked in to see how she was doing. Through her tears she shared that yoga had helped her through some of her grief and that I, being her teacher, had also helped. She also expressed that the necklace now had even more significance knowing that I had made it... that she had chosen to come to class on a Thursday morning when she normally does not... that it was meant to be today. 

It is amazing to learn how we can impact people, sometimes without knowing we are doing so. As passionate as I am about my art and creativity, there was a time when I struggled with the idea that making art and jewelry was just stuff, commercialization, and that I somehow needed to "do more" with my life. To have more purpose. Thankfully, I let that notion go as my creative passions are stronger and need to be expressed. What I have realized is that when we do what makes us come alive we are serving our purpose and we in turn touch others from a place of fullness... sometimes without ever knowing... sometimes finding out in unique ways... sometimes years later in life. The lesson and message that my student left me with this morning... "We just never know what is going to happen, how quickly things can change."  We must do what we love and be present with each moment so that we can live fully as we just never know what will happen next. Thank you for the important reminder, Karen.