Monday, June 11, 2012

Open Up to Possibility

I truly believe in putting our hopes and dreams out into the universe and then watching them manifest. I have had it happen before and know that it works. I love when the inklings start lining up and they all seem to be more than coincidence and instead seem like little messages that we are on the right path.

 I recently found this stamp pictured here and loved the message. I mean, why not have big dreams and why not go after them? 

"Dream Big"  acrylic on canvas, 16"x20" 
This painting grew out of the stamp's inspiration to dream big.

And after being an avid follower of Kelly Rae Roberts for the last couple of years and loving her artwork and her openess to share I recently decided to purchase her ecourse, which I am also loving and learning a ton from. And guess what one of her messages is... to DREAM BIG. I have also been working with some interesting material on positivity. I love this book and use some of the exercises and when I am consistent and focused (trying to commit this to a daily practice) I see the results. Dreaming big and being positive go hand in hand.

Maybe it is just coincidence but I like to believe in dreaming big, of the power of positivity,  of finding our purpose and opening ourselves up to the possibilities of those dreams. Who are we not to do so and why would we want anything less or different for ourselves? Especially when those fruits are then shared with those around us. Win win.