Friday, July 6, 2012


Tuesday, July 3rd, was my 41st birthday and although I worked all day I was still celebrating. I have to say that with every year and with every day, for that matter, I am truly grateful for being alive. I am grateful for all that life has to offer, no matter what.

I came to the realization about 16 years ago that the choice is ours in how we play the cards we are dealt. It came to me at a time when I could have easily made the choice to let the weight of my circumstances bring me way down. I'm really not sure why or how but it occurred to me, in an instant from somewhere deep within, an aha moment,  that I could see the situation as negative or positive and that it would be that way based on my choice. It didn't make sense to wallow or dwell in a poor me state. Instead, I went with what was and chose to see the positive in it and even to find the beauty in it. And I did. Yes, I did have a brief moment of despair but it was truly brief; a good cry that helped me to release stored emotion as my body worked toward healing. Yes, it was physically challenging and painful and slow to gain strength back in my body. Yes, it was scary. But the magic of making the choice to stay positive and of making the choice to see the beauty in this (and any other situation) was that it gave me a strength and ability I didn't know I had. The experience is a part of my being, of who I am and I am richer for it. It also gave me the new perspective that everything we experience is an opportunity for learning, for growth and a reason to celebrate and be grateful.