Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cleaning House

Over the weekend I cleaned and organized my studio space. It always feels good to do this. It creates space both figuratively and literally and it re-energizes me for more creation.
Over the last 15 years I have shared my energy between making art and jewelry. Lately I have been thinking about pulling away even more from my jewelry making to focus solely on my painting... my true passion. My small wholesale jewelry business was fun and had the potential to turn into something bigger but I realized I am not a huge fan of production. As exciting as it was to get orders from my rep, there was also a slightly heavy feeling knowing I had to make a bunch of the same pieces over and over. Bummer but true. Instead, I love creating with whatever materials inspire me at the moment. So as part of my "cleaning house" I put away some of my jewelry supplies so I would have more work space for my paintings. It feels right.

Here are a couple of new paintings I started after I cleaned. They are not actually new... they are two paintings that I made last year but I was not loving so I decided to give them new life. They already feel better and I know they will change even more. I will update as they progress.