Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Deck Party

Ever since we moved into our house we have been working on different improvements and updates. Slowly, over the last six or seven years we have seen the progress. Some bigger changes than others... new kitchen cabinets... a new garage... a painted wall... new trim. It is exciting to see it all come together, especially now as we only have a few projects left before it is "finished".
Our latest projects have been on the outside of the house. We covered a section of old, ugly stucco with corrugated metal. It's a nice balance against the stone and logs.

We also rebuilt the deck out in front. The old one was, well, old. The boards were crumbling apart in spots and the supports were weak so the deck flexed and moved a bit. So we tore off the deck boards, reinforced the joists and laid down new boards that we have been planning on staining but much needed rain has put that on hold for the last week. Totally fine since the fire danger has been so high that we are in a stage 2 fire ban.

As soon as the staining is complete we will break the deck in with... a deck party! I love summer in the montains.