Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden Visitor and New Art

In between creative breaks and rain storms it was more house work this weekend. While I was pulling weeds in my garden I found this little guy... a salamander. He was hiding under the cool, wet lushness (read: neglected and overgrown) of weeds. I think he was shocked by the abrupt change and bright sunlight so I snapped this photo quickly and then covered him up with wet earth. By morning he had made his way back under the rock wall and to his home. Apparently, that's where he and his buddies live according to my husband. He has seen several of them over the years. Kinda cute with his big head and eyes. 

I've been working on some new smaller pieces while I wait for some big canvases. With all of the house work we've been doing we are left with lots of scrap pieces of wood. My hubby cut some into small squares for me and I have been having some fun with them. Here is a little peak at the pieces in progress.