Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girl Power and Chocolate

For the last three years I have had the good fortune to teach yoga at this awesome event. I love what this gathering has to offer... a joining of women for adventure, fitness, self-empowerment, challenge, support, rejuvenation and so, so much more. It is held at this beautiful lodge, nestled among the aspen and pine trees. I feel honored to be a part of the experience. The women are great and the founder of the company has created a truly unique retreat. I dream of sharing this experience with my mom.

This year I taught two classes. Tonight, I started with a meditation on chocolate. I love doing this meditation, partly for the obvious reason... hello... chocolate! But also because it is a great way to develop such awareness and focus in a less than traditional manner. There were some giggles and it may have been one of the slowest chocolate eating experiences ever for some. Chocolate tastes different this way...

I always finish my last session of the retreat with some kind of special offering for each participant. So tonight at the end of our class, after savasana, I had the women gather in a circle. Each woman reached into a box and grabbed a rolled up piece of paper. I had typed different affirmations, or as I called them, truths. I asked each woman to open her piece of paper and read her truth silently to herself, feeling the truth and knowing that it was meant for her. Then, one by one, we each shared our truth with the circle, saying it out loud and sharing it as the truth, not only for ourselves, but also for each woman there in the circle. I am always amazed when I do this activity at how each woman chooses exactly the "right" truth. Whether it is because it is what she is trying to create more space for in her life or because it is right on. I truly love this experience each and every time. What great energy and love from these amazing women.

Some of the truths... I am beautiful, I am strong, I am alive, I am powerful, I am awesome, I am vibrant, I am dazzling...  Ahhh, namaste.