Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Living Our Truth

A concept that has been very important to me is to live my truth. Lately, I am finding this need more than ever before. It is fairly easy to live our truth when all is well and smooth in life. It is different when we are faced with a challenge. I am facing a challenge and I am struggling with finding a balance to take care of myself and to keep a sense of peace in my situation. It is not easy and I feel I am having to compromise some of my truth in order to keep matters agreeable. Some of it feels necessary and in in other ways I feel I am caving, not standing strong in my beliefs. I guess I am trying to find a balance.

I wanted to reflect on the need for my truth as I am feeling a bit icky about my compromise. I need to really define my truth and what it means. Although it is open for revision in the future, this is what I need right now.

To live my truth means to be honest with myself and others even when it is difficult (this is a big one for me and what I am feeling most in need of right now), to speak my truth, to be authentic by being myself, by letting my "freak flag fly" and not worrying what others will think, to honor my needs and to take care of my heart, to give to others without expecting anything in return, to learn to say no and know that that is acceptable, to build on my strengths, to make the choice to feel joy... to create it, to find the positive in all situations and to express gratitude each and every day for each and every experience so that I can continue to grow and flourish. I am curious what others truths are...?