Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mountain Love

On Sunday we took an adventure into the woods and came across this mama moose and her calf. The quality of the photo isn't great and I zoomed in as much as possible. If you look closely to her left you can see her little one tucked in the willows as she stands protectively in front. So cute! We paused to gaze and snap a few photos but then moved on so as not to make them feel threatened. They can burn a ton of energy in these types of encounters. The calf looked so furry and sweet. Always a treat to see!

The rain is back and that is great news for more than one reason... besides the fact that it has been dangerously dry up here it also means that the summer rainbows are back. Evening rain + just before sunset = stunning rainbows... often double ones. Again, my camera does not do it justice but believe me, the double rainbow extended across the sky in front of the Continental Divide with amazing vibrancy. 

The other day a visitor to this area asked me "Is it still as beautiful after living here for a while?" Yes, after 15 years here, it absolutely is! Almost every day I am amazed by my surroundings whether it is a fiery sunrise or an alpenglow sunset, the hugest puffy white clouds, a fox running through my yard, fresh powdery snow or golden aspen... yes, it is still as beautiful. I love living in the mountains.