Friday, July 20, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing...?

I will be the first one to admit it... I have a major soft side when it comes to books. An obsession really. Or maybe I am a collector...? Point being, I have a lot of books! I have a nice collection of art, jewelry, yoga, nutrition and cooking books. Throw in the few fiction titles and I could start a small library. I think I inherited this trait from my dad. I grew up surrounded by books. I think it also stems out of my love for learning.

I don't think I could ever replace real books for a kindle though I do get the practicality and convenience. I love the feel and weight of a book in my hands, I love turning each page, thumbing through, making notes on the pages and the pictures... oh the pictures. Especially the pictures in my favorite kinds of books; art, of course.

This is a small sampling of a few of my favorite art books that are piled around my house, readily available for learning, inspiration and admiration. A few I have had for a couple of years and others I have received in just the last weeks or months. These books are by some of my favorite artists and are heartfelt, full of inspiration and beauty and loads of information. Some of the techniques are familiar and others I look forward to experimenting with. I love seeing what goes into another artist's creations as well as the energy behind the process. I highly recommend each one.