Thursday, August 23, 2012


Things are changing. I can feel it all around. The air, the light, the animals, the weather.
I love this time of year when the stronger summer heat has lifted but it is still warm and sunny during the day. But the late nights and early mornings are cooler and crisper and our windows inch closer towards closed. Way up high the aspen leaves are starting to turn. Soon, the bright golden display of yellows will shimmer with the fall breezes. I'm never ready for winter. And while we could be in for a nice long warm Indian summer... the cold of winter and snow are never far away. I usually fight it for a short while but know that I must release my grasp on summer days gone by. I know I must let go.

Letting go is a constant practice. A lesson in change, of release, of not hanging on, of realizing that our expectations are just that and not always reality... of acceptance, of being with what is, of riding the current and being in the flow and with that comes the expansion of oneself, maybe a deeper, fuller self exists, maybe a quiet, inner strength grows. It can be difficult but with practice it gets easier and creates more space in our lives. Sometimes I forget and I hold on tight, too tight. And instead of maintaining my strength or solid ground I actually create the opposite. Instead of expanding and becoming more free there is a sense of closing in and of tension. But again, as soon as I do let go it's as if I have been holding my breath and a deep rush of oxygen fills my lungs and nourishes my entire being. Oh beautiful life and all of your lessons. Thank you.