Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Growth and Mystery

Last week I started a few new paintings. One was close to being finished when I made the previous post. I still need to paint the sides but it is finished otherwise. I decided to call it "Growing". The little birdie is singing a song of growth and that is how I am feeling these days. The piece was making me feel like being inside of a growing garden full of flowers and leaves. The photo is not the best. I am not sure why the reds are always so reflective in my basic snap shots...? I have a lot to learn about photography (thanks to my new camera).Oh well, it does give the idea of the piece.

detail of "Growing"
As I have stepped away from the painting now that it is finished (besides the edges) I am also connecting more to the message of growth that showed up in the painting. I am amazed at how much we can learn about ourselves and about others everyday. I love this about life... there is always something to discover... whether pleasant or not so... each day is a lesson and a gift that we can grow from if we choose.

"Namaste" 18x18 acrylic on canvas

  On Saturday I finished a second out of the three pictured in the last post. I am quite happy with it. I am still obsessed with birds and flowers and I need to continue to work with and through the subject matter until something else creeps into my work.

These two pieces are in the beginning stages and where they will end up is a mystery to me... and I quite like it that way.