Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peace and Calm

On Tuesday, we took my mom back to the airport. She had been here for a week and we had a great time. She is very low maintenance so on days when I worked she just hung out, read books, took walks and relaxed. I took some time off so we could spend some time together and we had a really nice time. She does so much when she is home. I know she enjoys doing so since it is for my dad, my sisters and their kids/families. But I think she needs some time to herself to relax and not have any responsibility. I am so glad she was able to visit. I needed her mom-energy and to have her around. It gave me a sense of peace and calming.

After we dropped my mom off at the airport we did a little shopping and bought a new camera. I am really excited to have a new tool for my art business. I must admit I am not really camera savvy but my husband is and it seemed like a perfect camera (for me and for our budget) with all of its functions and capabilities . 

This Sunday I will take down my art show that has been up for a week and I will take some more photos with my new camera. It seems like just what I need right now and it has a lot of great features. I look forward to playing with it and learning how to use all of it's functions. My goal is to take good photos so that I can have prints made for my Etsy shop.
The show was a good success as of opening night. I am so glad my pieces are going to good home. Many of which I know...