Monday, August 13, 2012

Post Art Show Happiness

Well... the show officially ended this past Saturday and it was a success on several levels: it was fun!- I loved seeing my work as a collection and visiting with guests and friends. My mom was there and that was super special. And I sold some work- 11 pieces to be exact... exciting since my goal is to be a full-time artist. And I know my work is going to good homes.

This show came at a good time since I have been so busy painting over the last year and I have created a number of pieces that were starting to stack up in my work space. The body of work I was able to display worked well together and I know this energy will continue to grow. 

In fact, I have three new paintings going right now (I think the one on the right is almost finished...) and I am in the flow. I am not sure how the other two will end up but that is part of the fun and the work. Here they are in progress.