Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tashi's Prayer

I painted this piece last year and I have had it hanging in my house for a while not quite sure of how I felt about it. I have since grown to be happy with it and have decided to list it in my Etsy shop.

I decided to include it in my art show I recently had and I received some positive feedback. I think the main reason I was not sure about it was because it is a bit tighter than I like to paint. I prefer to have more physical energy, freedom, movement, visible brush strokes and mark making in my work than is in this one. The reason I do like it is because of the inspiration and story behind it... 

This piece is called Tashi's Prayer. I painted this after a visit one afternoon with my friend, Tashi, who visits every summer from Nepal. She was sitting with her strand of prayer beads (as she does every day). But that day she told me she was praying for her aunt who had passed away some time ago. Her aunt had come to her in a dream the night before and as is her belief, it was real and not just a dream. Her aunt needed her prayers and Tashi was honoring that need. I was touched by the deep respect and spirituality of her beliefs and intentions and inspired to paint about it.