Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Snapshots...

What a beautiful Sunday... It was a quintessential fall day... the crisp, cool air, the warm colors, the slight breeze. Not to mention the reminder of winter, that is just around the corner, with a bit of snow up high. We went for a ride up in the high country on the other side of the Continental Divide from where we live. It was a fun way to spend the last day of my month-long break

September flew by! I was able to accomplish many things on my to do list (none are crossed off because this list is ongoing)... I practiced yoga, I meditated, I made lots of art, I worked on house projects... I also created a few new habits thanks to this fantastic woman. I never was really a Facebook user. My account sat idle except for the occasional, bi-annual lurking. It just never caught on with me... until now. I. AM. HOOOKED. I have discovered a whole new community of kindreds and I am loving making connections and seeing what these lovely, talented ladies are up to. It feels that a whole new world has opened up... one that I was seeking but did not know where to find. I am so grateful for the class for this and soooo many other reasons.

I am obsessed with books. I received a few new ones this past week... This one and this one by Dr. Wayne Dyer- for manifesting my dreams, a yoga book- for the teacher (and student) in me and another about creating a living having multiple passions- for the indecisive in me.

I am loving this path that I am on... and as I travel along where ever I go and whatever I do, I remind myself of this quote by Horace... "Take as a gift, whatever the day brings forth." 

There are so many creative ideas pulsing around inside my head, inside my body, even inside my cells... a creative idea comes to me and it feels a bit like a pinball machine inside of me... the excitement gets my blood racing, my heart pounding...the idea bounces around and creates a new one, and then another... it is a building of energy. I relate it to a term used in yoga called spanda... vibration, motion... the creative pulse of the universe that manifests into form, into creation...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Work

I just finished these three little pieces this week. I have been working on a larger scale lately so going back to smaller canvas can be challenging and fun... oh to fit it all in on such a small area. I enjoy changing it up between large and small work. Sometimes it is just what I need to sit at my table and work on a small scale... the closeness, the delicacy, the intimacy of the work... I also find that when I want to work with mixed media and incorporate little goodies and found objects, smaller is better. But... there is nothing like working on large canvas... because of the physicality of the process. It becomes a full body experience... moving around the canvas, making big strokes with the brush, with my hands, I am constantly moving in, stepping back. Ah, the best of both worlds, I guess... 
I'm curious... I'd love to know... How do you like to work? What scale, what medium, subject matter...?

"Spirit Soars" mixed media, 6x6 inches available here

"Breathe Deep" mixed media, 6x6 inches available here

"Lovely Day" mixed media, 4x6 inches available here

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ah, Fall a time of change and transition and a time of harvest, of gathering... my favorite time of year. Today's Wishcasting Wednesday from the creative Jamie Ridler Studios asks... "What's your fall wish?"

I have had many wishes in my life. Some days my wishes are simple... a hot cup of tea, a delicious bar of chocolate... and other days my wishes are more meaningful... to find and spread kindness and compassion (well, that's a wish for every day)... and lately I have had a couple of big wishes... if I can have two, please?

My first wish is that our house sells... soon...

My second wish... I have had this one for a long time... and I have been working hard to see it transition from dream into reality. My wish is to make a living as an artist. To share my art and the creative process in a fun, loving and positive environment with other creative women. For a longer version of my dream check here.

Part of my hard work and commitment to see my dream take flight is my participation in Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons ecourse. I made this painting for the group of amazing women that I posted about on Monday. I am so lucky to be sharing an equally amazing experience with them as we all learn to spread our wings, take flight and soar in each of our own unique greatness. 

If you, too, have wishes may this message be for you as well...

Monday, September 24, 2012

My new blog button... Go ahead, grab it!

Thanks to today's Flying Lesson with Kelly Rae Roberts and Leah Shaver I learned how to create this blog button on 
Feeling sweet success after almost TWO HOURS of trial and error... or shall I say just lots of errors... as I followed a couple of how-to's about turning my image into a jpeg and then adding it to the sidebar. See it over there at the top right? (grinning ear to ear over this accomplishment) 
I was getting pretty discouraged with each attempt and no luck of it appearing... until... it...finally... DID! Almost like magic. I say that because I am not sure I can repeat it again. This tends to be my way with technology. It often feels like happy accidents and I have no idea how I got there and no idea how to return. But I am determined to understand this world more and more. I want to understand it and know how to use it and have fun doing so.


Here is a new little piece (4x4 inches) that I made the other night. I am super inspired these days between some amazing books I have been reading and my Flying Lessons class which inspired this piece.
My classmates are all incredible. I am surrounded by talented... supportive... encouraging... thoughtful... giving artists. It is more than a breath of fresh air and exactly what I have been needing. I am filled with joy and gratitude for the positivity and inspiration from this new community, this new family.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Here is a progression of my most recent painting... "Joy"... It started out like this. The Mary Oliver quote slowly disappeared under layers of paint but it was not out of my mind. Last night as I was finishing the piece I kept playing with how to incorporate the quote back in. As much as I wanted it there it was not going to work. It was feeling forced. I let it go and the word joy naturally flowed from the little bird. Maybe that is the answer to the quote...

Finished piece "Joy"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photos from the last week...

A sampling of my heart rock collection... It is amazing what we can find when we are looking for it...

 Stormy sunset from the front deck...

 Weekend color hunting... success!

Sunset from our campsite...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patiently awaiting the butterfly...

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”- Proverb

Everyday I get a quote from Some I read, appreciate and let go. Others resonate more strongly and fit right into what is going on in my life. Today's quote fit.  

Have you ever had that feeling when you want something so badly that you might be wishing too hard? So hard that it just doesn't feel like it will happen? Wishing so much that it just doesn't seem possible? 

The best example I can equate this to is yoga. Sometimes we want to muscle our way through to get our bodies into a pose, THE pose, the one that our bodies just weren't designed to get into. Yet, we use all of our might to fit into that shape. We push, we strain, we force and the experience is so far from yogic, so far from natural or relaxing. Yet when we realize that we can soften and breathe our way into the same pose (or at least in the direction or shape of that pose, depending on what our bodies allow), something shifts. It is a totally different experience. It is a sort of backing off to go deeper in, an unfolding. 

Lately, I am feeling a bit like I am pushing too hard, feeling a bit like the caterpillar... Well, not like the world is over but... I have dreams I want to be living. I have created my vision board, I am continuing my studies and I am asking and believing and waiting to receive. I even wrote a letter to my future self about my coming artistic accomplishments. But I wonder if I am forcing too much... deep down I believe it is possible. I guess patience is the other element... so now, I patiently await the butterfly...

Monday, September 17, 2012

It's only Day Two...

Wellllll, it's official! We started the ecourse yesterday and I am excited, overwhelmed, joyful, nervous, scared, elated, psyched, pumped... There are so many amazing and supportive artists and it's just day two. Phew... deep breaths.
Thanks Kelly Rae! (And thanks self, for going for it!)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Love sees no difference

I just finished this piece the other night. I am loving the happy and playful colors. The elephant has been wanting to make an appearance lately and he finally did. As I placed the little bird on the elephant's trunk I started to think about this odd couple being the perfect match. And so the title came to me as I saw the two being just right for each other even with their complete differences... on the outside. I was also reminded of this sweet video. If it doesn't bring a few tears to your eyes... Love this story.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For several months now I have been lurking around Pinterest. Anyone who has even dabbled there knows the time warp that can happen as soon as you start poking around. The food, art and fitness inspiration are some of my favorites. I finally asked for an invite. I figured it was time. I have to say that I am still learning and still a tiny bit confused about the whole thing but it is just too fun to look at everything. I have just started to create a few boards and I can see the endless possibilities and yet another vortex to get drawn into. I am a big fan of this artist and this one too and I have gotten lost in their boards (as well as others) for waaayyyyy too long... 
I have a long way to go in creating my own boards but I figure I will just add a little here and there and have fun along the way.

Monday, September 10, 2012

It starts with gratitude

Lately, I have been focused on practicing being in a state of gratitude, on finding happiness from within and on seeing the positive and the beauty in every day. Each night as I get into bed and each morning just as I awaken I express gratitude... for the day that has passed and for the day to come as well as everything else in my life... even the hard stuff... it is all a gift. So it was appropriate to open my tea this morning to find this little message.

Much of what I have read about positivity, living with intention and manifesting dreams suggests that we begin with gratitude. Gratitude is the source and gateway to making amazing things happen. When we express gratitude we are being thankful and we are in a state of joy. We are able to appreciate each moment as it unfolds without wanting to change what is, without seeking out something else. 

I decided to do a search on the word gratitude to see what I would find and I came across this site. I am going to give it a try... Keep you posted...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wild, Precious Life

"Tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?" This message from the poem, The Summer Day by Mary Oliver,  has been on my mind a lot lately. It is a quote that I have been thinking about so much so that it seemed to be calling out to be in this painting. It may stay, it may get covered up... who knows since this piece is just in the beginning stages. Of course I will update with photos as the piece wanders through it's stages of creation.

I have been pondering this question and the bigger message behind it (at least the one I take from it). The message of not only what will I do but also how I will do it. The how being with compassion, with grace, with love, care and patience, with respect and kindness, with honesty and integrity and with purpose. In addition to this question, I have also been reading about the power of intention in a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer and making vision boards with the guidance of Christine Kane. I have most of my vision board finished but I am giving it a little bit more time just in case I come across other ideas I want to include... or other ideas present themselves that want to be included... The project is fun and a great way to make visible my desires and dreams. The concept of offering this up to the universe and allowing magic to happen is exciting... Hey Universe... I am ready!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Evolution Update

Last night I finished the piece. I had been working on this one for a few weeks and posted about it here. For several days it stayed in a place that was not feeling quite right so I flipped it on it's side. Here is how it looked when I was feeling stuck.

I changed my perspective and the piece turned the corner. For the last few nights I have been back in the flow again. I could feel it moving in the right direction again and this is how it looks now...

I have been wanting to add some of my favorite quotes and mantras to some of my pieces. This bird is singing one of my favorites... Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu... May all being everywhere be happy and free and may my thoughts, words and actions contribute to that happiness and freedom... Love it! So it is called "Happy and Free". Here are a few details...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Me Time

For the month of September I will be taking a self-declared sabbatical. It's actually not by choice that I will not be working for the month however, now that I have released my frustration of that I am taking on a new perspective... the month of September will be a time of nourishing and of cleaning house, both literally and figuratively. I will take the time to deepen my studies, meditate, read, paint- a lot!, play with my dogs, bake, do yoga, spend valuable time with my husband and continue to soul search and follow my path. Basically do the same things I normally do but way more intensive... like a retreat... a me retreat. 
As much as I didn't want this it is exactly what I need and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest... and it started today.