Monday, September 10, 2012

It starts with gratitude

Lately, I have been focused on practicing being in a state of gratitude, on finding happiness from within and on seeing the positive and the beauty in every day. Each night as I get into bed and each morning just as I awaken I express gratitude... for the day that has passed and for the day to come as well as everything else in my life... even the hard stuff... it is all a gift. So it was appropriate to open my tea this morning to find this little message.

Much of what I have read about positivity, living with intention and manifesting dreams suggests that we begin with gratitude. Gratitude is the source and gateway to making amazing things happen. When we express gratitude we are being thankful and we are in a state of joy. We are able to appreciate each moment as it unfolds without wanting to change what is, without seeking out something else. 

I decided to do a search on the word gratitude to see what I would find and I came across this site. I am going to give it a try... Keep you posted...