Monday, September 24, 2012

My new blog button... Go ahead, grab it!

Thanks to today's Flying Lesson with Kelly Rae Roberts and Leah Shaver I learned how to create this blog button on 
Feeling sweet success after almost TWO HOURS of trial and error... or shall I say just lots of errors... as I followed a couple of how-to's about turning my image into a jpeg and then adding it to the sidebar. See it over there at the top right? (grinning ear to ear over this accomplishment) 
I was getting pretty discouraged with each attempt and no luck of it appearing... until... it...finally... DID! Almost like magic. I say that because I am not sure I can repeat it again. This tends to be my way with technology. It often feels like happy accidents and I have no idea how I got there and no idea how to return. But I am determined to understand this world more and more. I want to understand it and know how to use it and have fun doing so.


Here is a new little piece (4x4 inches) that I made the other night. I am super inspired these days between some amazing books I have been reading and my Flying Lessons class which inspired this piece.
My classmates are all incredible. I am surrounded by talented... supportive... encouraging... thoughtful... giving artists. It is more than a breath of fresh air and exactly what I have been needing. I am filled with joy and gratitude for the positivity and inspiration from this new community, this new family.

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