Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Work

I just finished these three little pieces this week. I have been working on a larger scale lately so going back to smaller canvas can be challenging and fun... oh to fit it all in on such a small area. I enjoy changing it up between large and small work. Sometimes it is just what I need to sit at my table and work on a small scale... the closeness, the delicacy, the intimacy of the work... I also find that when I want to work with mixed media and incorporate little goodies and found objects, smaller is better. But... there is nothing like working on large canvas... because of the physicality of the process. It becomes a full body experience... moving around the canvas, making big strokes with the brush, with my hands, I am constantly moving in, stepping back. Ah, the best of both worlds, I guess... 
I'm curious... I'd love to know... How do you like to work? What scale, what medium, subject matter...?

"Spirit Soars" mixed media, 6x6 inches available here

"Breathe Deep" mixed media, 6x6 inches available here

"Lovely Day" mixed media, 4x6 inches available here


  1. Lovely pieces, I find it hard to work on small things, I should take this as a sign, that maybe I should try harder, anything much small than 8x8 to 8x10 and it is difficult for me. I bought some small canvases a while back with the intention of putting them together to make a larger piece. I still have started it yet, as they are 5x5 and so tiny feeling.

    I love breathe deep, the mix of warm and cool colors, it nicely balanced and I find them drawing me in.

  2. Thanks Lynn! I love the idea of using many smaller canvases to make a larger piece.


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