Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patiently awaiting the butterfly...

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”- Proverb

Everyday I get a quote from Some I read, appreciate and let go. Others resonate more strongly and fit right into what is going on in my life. Today's quote fit.  

Have you ever had that feeling when you want something so badly that you might be wishing too hard? So hard that it just doesn't feel like it will happen? Wishing so much that it just doesn't seem possible? 

The best example I can equate this to is yoga. Sometimes we want to muscle our way through to get our bodies into a pose, THE pose, the one that our bodies just weren't designed to get into. Yet, we use all of our might to fit into that shape. We push, we strain, we force and the experience is so far from yogic, so far from natural or relaxing. Yet when we realize that we can soften and breathe our way into the same pose (or at least in the direction or shape of that pose, depending on what our bodies allow), something shifts. It is a totally different experience. It is a sort of backing off to go deeper in, an unfolding. 

Lately, I am feeling a bit like I am pushing too hard, feeling a bit like the caterpillar... Well, not like the world is over but... I have dreams I want to be living. I have created my vision board, I am continuing my studies and I am asking and believing and waiting to receive. I even wrote a letter to my future self about my coming artistic accomplishments. But I wonder if I am forcing too much... deep down I believe it is possible. I guess patience is the other element... so now, I patiently await the butterfly...