Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Snapshots...

What a beautiful Sunday... It was a quintessential fall day... the crisp, cool air, the warm colors, the slight breeze. Not to mention the reminder of winter, that is just around the corner, with a bit of snow up high. We went for a ride up in the high country on the other side of the Continental Divide from where we live. It was a fun way to spend the last day of my month-long break

September flew by! I was able to accomplish many things on my to do list (none are crossed off because this list is ongoing)... I practiced yoga, I meditated, I made lots of art, I worked on house projects... I also created a few new habits thanks to this fantastic woman. I never was really a Facebook user. My account sat idle except for the occasional, bi-annual lurking. It just never caught on with me... until now. I. AM. HOOOKED. I have discovered a whole new community of kindreds and I am loving making connections and seeing what these lovely, talented ladies are up to. It feels that a whole new world has opened up... one that I was seeking but did not know where to find. I am so grateful for the class for this and soooo many other reasons.

I am obsessed with books. I received a few new ones this past week... This one and this one by Dr. Wayne Dyer- for manifesting my dreams, a yoga book- for the teacher (and student) in me and another about creating a living having multiple passions- for the indecisive in me.

I am loving this path that I am on... and as I travel along where ever I go and whatever I do, I remind myself of this quote by Horace... "Take as a gift, whatever the day brings forth." 

There are so many creative ideas pulsing around inside my head, inside my body, even inside my cells... a creative idea comes to me and it feels a bit like a pinball machine inside of me... the excitement gets my blood racing, my heart pounding...the idea bounces around and creates a new one, and then another... it is a building of energy. I relate it to a term used in yoga called spanda... vibration, motion... the creative pulse of the universe that manifests into form, into creation...

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