Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ah, Fall a time of change and transition and a time of harvest, of gathering... my favorite time of year. Today's Wishcasting Wednesday from the creative Jamie Ridler Studios asks... "What's your fall wish?"

I have had many wishes in my life. Some days my wishes are simple... a hot cup of tea, a delicious bar of chocolate... and other days my wishes are more meaningful... to find and spread kindness and compassion (well, that's a wish for every day)... and lately I have had a couple of big wishes... if I can have two, please?

My first wish is that our house sells... soon...

My second wish... I have had this one for a long time... and I have been working hard to see it transition from dream into reality. My wish is to make a living as an artist. To share my art and the creative process in a fun, loving and positive environment with other creative women. For a longer version of my dream check here.

Part of my hard work and commitment to see my dream take flight is my participation in Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons ecourse. I made this painting for the group of amazing women that I posted about on Monday. I am so lucky to be sharing an equally amazing experience with them as we all learn to spread our wings, take flight and soar in each of our own unique greatness. 

If you, too, have wishes may this message be for you as well...


  1. Wow, it's gorgeous. I love it! As you wish for yourself, I wish for Christina as well.

  2. I wish this for myself just as I have wished for others!!!

  3. Christina,
    YES! Something wonderful is about to happen.

  4. Wow, Beautiful painting! As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also x

  5. Such a beautiful piece and wonderfully colorful! I looked you up on Etsy and added you to my circle. Can't wait to see more. :)


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