Monday, October 15, 2012

Imagine the Possibilities

Yesterday I watched (via the internet) a man free fall from space... from over 24 miles above the earth... at over 700 miles per hour... He was attempting to beat a world record for longest freefall from space. Wait... someone else has already done this...? As I watched him blaze toward the earth (a vague white speck on the computer screen) my mind pondered the magnitude of this event. Oddly, I felt like crying. Partly because of fear and the potential danger of it... how could someone do such a thing?...but more so because of the wonder and excitement of it and the significance of such a feat... because it was a dream he was fulfilling...

Lately, I have been reading a lot about the power of intention and our thoughts, the law of attraction, how the Universe works and the capability within each of us to make our dreams come to fruition. 


Watching this man, I couldn't help but be reassured that really, anything is possible and we must, we MUST, go for our dreams. We must listen to our hearts and make space for those dreams... plant the seeds and tend to them, even if it is only for a few moments in our days or weeks. We must nourish our dreams and give them the care so that they can grow... no matter how long it takes. We must believe in our dreams and breathe life into them... because no one else can.

It can be easy to push them aside, bury them or ignore them altogether because "life" takes over. We can be very hard on ourselves because we don't have the time, space or energy. Let's do it anyway! Even if it is just moments in our day. We must honor ourselves by honoring our dreams. This is our one and only precious life...let's live fully in the potential and in the possibilites.

In case you were curious, the man parachuted safely to the ground. He fell (no pun intended!) short of beating the world record by about 10 seconds... but what an incredible feat... from dream to reality.

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  1. Wow...I can only imagine that free fall to earth! What a wonderful metaphor for living our dreams, taking a leap of faith and trusting. You're so right...we must believe in our dreams and breathe life into them. Thank you for this beautiful post.


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