Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspiration Overload

Do you ever start to feel like you are on inspiration overload... in a good way? The internet  makes this possible. Find one amazing artist that leads to the next amazing artist and so on. Lately I have been having this experience ALOT...feeling like that little metal ball inside of a pinball machine... bouncing all over the place scoring up inspiration points as I jump from site to site. This morning the lovely Leslie Ann Harvey asked me if I had ever heard of Roben Marie... just dropped my first quarter in the machine... from there it was a smorgasbord of eye candy as I discovered more and more links to visit. 
This artist was one of the many treasures. I love her work! There is so much to explore within each piece... so much life and energy... beautiful work. And she had this incredible video on her site as well. I am in awe of the freedom and the uninhibited and natural creativity of this young artist. A testament and reminder that we are ALL creative beings. It is our birthright... most of us just forget or get sidetracked along the way. This is inside of you... set it free!
(lil' side note- I decided to up the font size... better?)

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