Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mystery Plant

Found these guys woven into a chain link fence in a parking lot today and had to stop and look closer and, of course, snap a few photos. I love the swirling lines inside of the fluffy white, cotton ball like "stuff"... yes, very technical description...

I am not sure what type of vine this is and can only imagine what it looked like in full bloom. 
Any ideas what it might be? 

I wonder if these will end up in my paintings in the form of new botanical inspiration...


  1. Great picture whatever it is! It looks like some kind of dandelion. But I have no idea. :)

  2. Hi Christina! These are amazing! So cool looking! You should definitely try and put them in your paintings, they are really beautiful looking. By the way thank you for adding me to your Etsy circle! I still am learning there with that! I wasn't even sure of how it worked when I got your notice lol. How are you enjoying Flying Lessons? I am trying to absorb everything I can from it. So glad there will be a PDF to keep and refer back to! Hope all is well!
    Shelly Jack

  3. Sweet blog! So, so glad to be participating in Flying Lessons with so many talented women like yourself!

  4. Wow, those are beautiful! I would love to know what it is too! Reminds me of Dr. Seuss! he he


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