Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

We received our first couple of snow falls this past week. The mountains now have a light layer of white that may be here to stay, depending on how warm the days get. We have had some really cold nights already... last night it dropped down to just 6 degrees... but the sun comes up, the frost burns off and the days are warm and beautiful.

These cute little birds were perched above on the power lines as I drove down our street.

Yesterday we went down to Denver to run some errands and stopped near some open space to let our dogs out where we spotted this bull with his harem.

A piece I finished last night... I recently found these awesome acrylic paint pens and I am loving the fine point for adding fun details and typography to my paintings. The pens come in different point sizes and are refillable. Brilliant! I haven't tried the larger sizes but just might need to...

"Wild Garden" 11x14 inches, acrylic on canvas available in my shop

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