Sunday, November 4, 2012

Upcoming Fabulous Friday Giveaway

I have been learning such amazing lessons lately and a big one is Giving. I have actually always been a giver and love doing it. But the reminder of just how important it is is always welcome. Whether it is fresh baked treats, a necklace, a piece of original art or a helping hand... it just feels good to give. Try it! I especially love creating something with a special someone in mind and then presenting them with that gift. 

So in honor of living an inspired life and "giving to receive", I am excited to give a special painting away next month. The first Fabulous Friday Giveaway will be November 23rd. I will post the item to be gifted on November 16th and officially open the giveaway... please leave a comment on that day's post if you are interested in possibly receiving the gift... entries will be open through Thursday, November 22nd and close at midnight (MST). The lucky winner will be announced Friday, November 23rd. 

A rainbow of rocks I found (and arranged) in the desert.

I will send out a few reminders here on my blog as well as on my Facebook Artist page over the next couple of weeks just so you don't forget. Feel free to share this with your friends. Best Wishes!


  1. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I can't wait to see the painting. :)

  2. Love love LOVE this idea!!!! As the Terminator said "I'll be back"!!!

  3. I adore and love the stones :)
    Kristen Davis
    Bliss Rocks Studio

  4. I have been going though a major transition. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by it all. Other times I feel very blessed. Giving at this time had come to my mind often. Your post is yet another reminder to give we shall receive. If I want more love and compassion, I too must give it. Thanks for the reminder and the rock circle.


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