Monday, February 18, 2013


Well, it has been a while... the time and space away has been more out of necessity than desire. 

Life is so unpredictable and changes in a moment, when we least expect it. 

We get into our routines, our daily comings and goings and then out of nowhere like at a railroad crossing, the gates come down and force us to stop, abruptly. 

This one was very abrupt. 

As difficult and painful as it can be, I have to believe that there is something more powerful here (and beyond). Something greater to take away from all of this. Something to learn. Something to be grateful for. Something to strive for...

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Toward the end of January I was thinking about what my next word would be. Well, here we are 18 days into February... my word chose me this month. Quiet. Even though there has been so much going on there has been an overall sense of stillness, of being introspective and quietly sitting with my thoughts.

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